Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Puberty Has Hit

Older Boy is now 12, in 7th grade, and puberty has hit full force. That boy is now about an inch or two taller than me (I’m 5’1”). His voice is uncontrollably cracking and squeaking. And he’s got some nice pimples sprouting on his nose.

I only had a sister so I've never really witnessed a boy going through puberty, but here’s my chance. It’s amusing and amazing all at the same time. Even his face is starting to age. I swear every day I look at him and he looks older.

OB: How long does puberty last?
FH: It depends on the person. It can take a couple of years.
OB: Oh crap!
FH: Why? Are you getting acne or something?
OB: What’s acne?
FH: Pimples.
OB: I have a lot of those.

Being the skin conscious person I am I’ve been trying to keep an eye on Older Boys skin. Now that he’s growing pimples like he’s being paid to do it I figured it was time to move past the usual bar of soap.  Considering I’ve never had to really shop for acne products I wasn’t sure what to get him. The poor guy has some dry patches in addition to the acne so I got him some Stridex face wipes and some light moisturizing lotion.

The best part was when I was trying to instruct him on how to use the products, especially when I showed him how to properly put the lotion on his face. I’m going to enjoy having boys go through puberty, because once the girls are old enough to hit it the whole game is going to change. Oh well, at least I know what happens when girls go through puberty first hand.


Amy said...

Boys are easier. Much so! The biggest thing I had to remind myself was that the shortness of temper was part of the testosterone changes in the boys. They tend to snap a bit easier.

Other than that, the boys were easy easy easy. With girls there's the mood swings, and tears and girly drama and whining. :/ Yes, I'm female, I know what I put my parents thru. LOL

Enjoy it, they'll start making sense and forming their own opinions and thinking rationally now. They'll even come up with some conclusions different than yours.

Crys said...

Thanks for the tips Amy! I hadn't even though about moodiness of any kind. I'm so excited to hear the sort of things he'll come up with.